Hard Work Beats Talent

Those are the words I see on someone's t-shirt at the gym. He is running on the treadmill in front of me. I'm obviously at the gym beating myself up to get better, healthier, more fit ... so, I'm putting in some hard work. It takes motivation and a lot of willpower to wake up and come here instead of sitting in bed with coffee and a donut. (Who am I kidding? It would be at least three delicious sugary treats!) But here is the question quite literally staring me in the face: Does hard work really beat talent? I remember putting in countless hours of practice trying to perfect my basketball skills — at home in my driveway, at open gyms during the summer. I was young, naturally athletic, and ha

Finding Humor in a Mailbox

I had just pulled into my driveway when my youngest daughter, who was on her way to deliver my grandson Mason, called. As I excitedly asked my daughter questions about the impending birth, three women, walking a large dog (in hindsight I think the dog was leading the walk) stopped in my driveway. It seems the dog wanted to sniff my mailbox. The two girls and their mother tried to explain to their pet that my mailbox didn’t need inspecting. However, before they could convince the pup to back off, the dogs chain wrapped around the post. The post gave before the dog. It snapped like a twig, it sounded like a firecracker, and just like that my mailbox was gone. No! Stop! The girls were beside th

Seek Discomfort

Each day, I wake up around 6 AM. Priority number one is coffee. Won’t make it too far without that caffeine running through my veins. Pop open my computer and dive into work for the day. Midmorning often finds me cleaning out my inbox and then a return to any deadlines for the day. This process runs roughly the same path on weekdays. I don’t mind that there is a certain cadence to my days. In fact, I find it comforting—I know what to expect. Even so, I make active efforts to throw this sense of comfort out the window every opportunity I get. Recently, I was gifted one of my favorite pieces of clothing. The ironically comfortable t-shirt fits loose and sports the simple phrase “Seek Discomfo

A Handy Dandy New Year’s Resolution Form

It’s that time o’ year, time to make your traditional New Year’s resolutions! I thought I would offer assistance to those who are resolution challenged with a New Year’s resolution form. This form could be just what you need if you answer yes to any of the following questions. • Are you having difficulty deciding on what resolution to take? • Do you want something achievable? • Do you need a challenge? • Are you just so darn happy with yourself it’s hard to find something? Maybe this will help. All you have to do is choose the appropriate response. New Year’s Resolution Form This year, I will________________ Track Follow Disregard Not care Give up Quit My efforts to__________________ Impr

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