September 25, 2017

While attending a meeting last week, my wife was surprised to learn that many of those gathered didn’t like email and attempted to avoid using it. The group was discussing how to follow up the meeting when about one-third expressed their disdain for email. For my wife,...

September 18, 2017

If you know me ... you know I love wine. I find it funny that when I travel, people are amazed at the great little wineries we have here in Indiana. They seem surprised when I mention good wine and Indiana in the same sentence. Sure, a lot of Indiana wineries offer swe...

September 11, 2017

Good Morning.

It’s Monday. You are sitting in your office acting like you are not surfing the web. It’s cool, I won’t tell your boss.  Obviously, it is time for your brain to take a break and come to find its true potential.  This article is intended to lead you to disc...

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