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When I think of someone’s time I immediately think of the word RESPECT. We all have things going on in our lives, some known and some unknown, but at the end of the day we are all human and have wants, needs, responsibilities, etc.

When I ask for someone’s time I immediately consider what I would be taking away from them when doing so. In the world of recruitment I’m constantly asking my clients and candidates to review resumes/job descriptions, provide feedback, consider an interview or offer ... and all of that takes, you guessed it, TIME! I try to make the process as efficient as possible for both sides without skipping steps or overlooking things but trying to do the work in the shortest amount of time is key. Clients are busy running the day to day operations (which is why hiring someone like me to assist with their hiring needs is helpful) and candidates are consumed with their current workload as well ... and all of this is separate from any personal duties they may have too. So recently I’ve been stuck in the middle of some projects that are a bit more time consuming than expected and wanted to share some ideas of how to be respectful and courteous of others when it comes to their time when going through the hiring/interviewing process.

Tip for Employers:

  • Respond to resumes/applicants within 48 hours

  • Set up interviews (even if they are for a later date) within a week of someone applying to a job

  • Set up expectations at the beginning of the process and provide a timeline of next steps and when a decision will be made

All of this will keep top talent interested and feeling valued during the process. I’ve unfortunately seen too many times where a candidate will turn down an opportunity after all the work is done to submit them because they feel the future employer is a bit disorganized or not truly interested. This may not be the case but it comes across that way when an employer isn’t moving at a steady pace during the process. You have to make your applicants feel appreciated and wanted especially in today’s market.

Tips for Job Seekers:

  • Make sure to be clear with your wants/needs for the job upfront and make sure your resume is up to date and highlights your skill set that matches the needs of the job you’re applying for

  • Be honest about other opportunities you have (this could help speed up the process for companies that do like you and want to hire you)

  • Bring questions of your own to the interview (or to give to the recruiter during the application process) to make sure you are fully aware of the role and responsibilities of the position

You’re interviewing the company just as much as they are interviewing you. To make sure it’s worth your time make sure you’re investing in the process as well. Being prepared and thorough is helpful to make the process more streamline and efficient. Employers will definitely take notice of this, I promise!

But just remember that timing is EVERYTHING! I know that we shouldn’t make snap decisions when it comes to something as important as hiring a new employee or taking a new job ... but we also need to be respectful of the process and considerate of everyone involved.

Happy hunting!

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