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Will your next step happen at your current job ... or a new one?

We’ve all had our jobs in life where we put in the time and effort in hopes of moving up the ladder. Sometimes we get to the next step and sometimes we feel like we are just stuck when working towards it. When you're in that position I know it can be very frustrating! Do you feel like you are currently experiencing that now? If so, is the end in sight for that next step ... or will you need to change companies to get what you want? Either way now is a great time to review where you've started in your career this year and to see where you're wrapping up. If you're not happy with the progress you've made now is the perfect time to start thinking of how to change your direction.

Taking the next step ...

Though I’m not usually a fan of people who hop from job to job but I get when you need to switch up your career to get more responsibilities that you’re ready to handle, a title bump, or even better flexibility or benefits. There are many reasons why we may want to make a change in our work life (and not just for more money) and the end of the year is a great time to review what it is you want next in your position and take the next step in getting it ... either with your current employer or a new company.

Tips for the change ...

My biggest suggestion for people who are questioning their career would be to create a pros and cons list to compare their current situation to what the next move might be like. People might find that once they do this that they have it better off than they thought and were just wrapped up in what they thought they wanted … or they might realize the time is now for that change and that they're ready to finally make it happen!

If you’re in the latter group what better time to start working on you than at the beginning of a new year? This is a great time to start looking at new opportunities since others like you might be making a move too and creating new openings that need to then be filled!

If you are thinking of making a change, or at least interested in seeing what is out there, here are a few things I'd suggest you do:

- Review and update your resume in case you see an opportunity, or get approached about one, that sounds like something you'd like to go after.

- Do some research about what your next step might look like and what that would entail. May sure it matches what you want to do and how much you want to get compensated for it. (Note: Sometimes less is more. The next step doesn't always have to be up … maybe you want to take a step back, have more free time, have less stress, etc.)

- Have a list of the things you want/must-have when applying to new opportunities to make sure that if/when you do make a move you make THE RIGHT ONE!

If you are interested in a new position in the AEC world feel free to reach out. We would be happy to help you polish up that resume of yours and point you in the right direction!

Email us at to share or learn more!

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