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What Makes Us Unique

We operate like no other recruiting firm can.

How We Work
How Others Work

We focus on one client at a time.

They divide their attention among clients with multiple needs.

We begin a search only after we fully understand your needs.

Typically we present three or more candidates within the first two weeks of the search.

Our clients usually hire one of our proposed candidates within a few weeks after we present them.

We work with you AND the candidate throughout the process to ensure a perfect fit for everyone.

Our lean business model means our cost is typically half of what the larger firms will charge you.

They tend to work on a contingency basis, hoping to be successful half of the time.

They typically send you candidates without asking about your needs.

It can take multiple weeks before you even begin to see progress from the usual recruiting firm.

Larger firms usually propose candidates to multiple companies, including your competitors, hoping for a match.

Most firms don’t take the time to have a close, ongoing relationship with either the client or candidate.

We provide multiple qualified

candidates for our exclusive client.

Other firms offer one candidate to multiple 

companies, including YOUR competition.


We only work on an exclusive search agreement, resulting in a 90%+ hiring success rate for our clients.

Others firms can charge fees totaling as much as 30% of the new employee’s first year's total compensation.

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