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How It Works

  Our process puts your interests first. Imagine that!


Step 4: The Interview Process

We help to facilitate the interview process so that your candidates are fully prepared and the return on your time investment is maximized. We are as hands-on as you need us to be.

Step 3: Presentation of Candidates

After thoroughly vetting the most qualified candidates, we send a detailed profile of each applicant for your review. The work we perform up front allows you to confidently accelerate your interview process.

Step 2: The Search

We use a variety of resources to find highly qualified candidates in a timely manner. With our process, you will see immediate results. Typically we present three or more candidates within the first two weeks of the search.

Step 1: Needs Assessment

We meet with you to fully understand your needs and confirm the characteristics of your ideal candidate. Discussing your company and your culture helps set the stage for finding you the right fit the first time.

Step 5: Job Offer, Acceptance, and Follow-Up

Congratulations! Your company is even stronger with your ideal new hire in place. But our job isn’t done. We will follow up throughout a guaranteed period to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We operate like no other recruiting firm can. Click here to learn more!

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