I like sitting at the bar in any given airport. This is where the action can be found — the drama, the silliness, the carefree launch of a full week of mimosas and/or margaritas, the breakups, the awkward small talk of semi-familiar coworkers on their way to the annual trade conference. It all happens right here. (I happen to be sitting at an airport bar now and just overheard a woman say to her spouse, “Make good choices.” He was headed to the restroom. What was that all about?) I am most drawn in by serious business discussions that can sometimes be overheard at the airport bar. I once witnessed a sharply dressed man vow powerfully into his iPhone that he would end the career of a birthday

Are You Relying too Much on Your Resume?

If you’re looking for a job here’s the best advice I can share; quit depending on your resume to find your next position and spend more time connecting with people. I’ve Never Needed a Resume I don’t intend this to be a humble brag, really I don’t, but I’ve never needed a resume. I’ve never given a resume to a potential employer. Yes, the world was a different place when I entered the workforce, resumes weren’t compulsory, but I’ve changed careers during this century. I’ve never needed a resume because I’ve always been introduced, recruited, or networked into my future position. You can do the same. Think Outside of the Crate Usually, when I talk about networking people think I’m talking abo

The Great Debate: Are Remote Workers Lazy?

Remote workers are becoming a regular occurrence in the workplace, feeding the fire of the great debate: Are remote workers less productive? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 24 percent of workers did some or all of their work at home in 2015. But even as we see remote working take its prominent place, some are reevaluating the efficiency of those who work from home. Recently, IBM has spurred on the debate by recalling remote workers and pushing for their employees to spend more time in the office. Approximately 2,600 workers were informed in February 2017 that they could choose to work in one of six U.S. offices, or find work elsewhere. This came as somewhat of a shock to many, c

The Reluctant Kindle Convert

“The more man flies to the moon, the more I want to look at a tree.” -Audrey Hepburn Despite my amateur proficiency in the technological world, I identify far more with Audrey’s sentiment. Technology is becoming more and more integrated into our lives and I find myself fighting it more and more. As an avid reader from the time I was, oh, maybe four, books have played a very important role in my life. Nothing can replace the feel and smell of the paper and binding glue. Yes, the binding glue. The ability to take notes in the margins and dog-ear pages featuring quotes you want to remember is irreplaceable. Feeling a sense of accomplishment when you pick up an Ayn Rand novel and can say you act

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