Just when you thought it all was going to shit ...

The past few months have been hard. I was in the hospital for two weeks and have undergone multiple tests recently to help with a diagnosis. No one seems to know the answer yet. We're just trying one thing after another, and nothing seems to be working. It has altered my daily activities to the point that it's hard to even be consistent with work. (Note: Have no fear though clients — I still work quite a bit when I can and have hired two new great ladies to help!) The last few months have been hard as far as work goes, as well. It seems like every time I have a job opening, it's been difficult to fill. I've had clients who normally rely on me to find someone quickly and they are now wonderin

Ping Pong Anyone?

On a whim, a few girlfriends and I decided to take a trip together to Mexico. We picked a town not close to the ocean, but one that is supposedly a bustling city, a popular destination for others who live around Mexico (similar to how Americans travel to New York to see the big city). The pictures on Airbnb looked beautiful as this house is only a block off the main street where you can find amazing bakeries, coffee shops, restaurants, and much more. When we arrived, we took a tour which was given in Spanish. Luckily, we understood the majority of it even though we aren't fluent in the language (which I really need to change). We were in awe of the wonderful renovations that had been done t

Choosing Joy

We all have inspiring people in our lives. Family, friends, even total strangers who inspire us to be better. Maybe they are an optimist, finding the silver lining in every situation and always having a positive outlook. Maybe they are kind to everyone they meet, practicing compassion in a way you never knew possible. Maybe they are very giving, always looking for ways they can benefit others without thinking about what they will receive in return. Whatever the reason, these people make a real difference in our lives. It took me approximately 10 seconds to realize that Auntie Joy is one of these people. Her cheerfulness radiates throughout the room. It is impossible to not smile when you are

Get out, thought thieves

There is a meme floating around the Internet of a gentleman and his dog sitting on a bench, overlooking a wonderful landscape, thought bubbles floating above their heads. There are multiple thought bubbles above the man’s head, including icons for money, work, travel, a big house, cars, etc. Meanwhile, there is one thought bubble above the dogs head and inside it is an image of exactly what is happening at that moment. Nothing else. Do you often find yourself falling victim to these thought thieves like this gentleman? Our days are filled with opportunities to be fully present, to enjoy the moment exactly as it is. That first sip of coffee or tea, the first bite of a delicious meal, the feel

Productivity via Post-it

Ok folks, let’s talk productivity. Those in the business world are constantly looking for ways to improve their productivity. There are entire methodologies and schools of thought focused on this very subject. How do I reduce costs? How do I run a more efficient team? How do I eliminate waste? How do I get more done? Then, some others find themselves in my situation. As an individual freelancer with only my own client base to balance, how can I make sure things get accomplished? It's just as easy to sit in my pajamas all day, catching up on my favorite shows or doing laundry. I don’t know the golden rule for getting more done. But, I can tell you my approach. I shoot for productivity via pos

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