In the design world, there is such a thing as “white space.” Negative space. Space intentionally left empty to give the reader/viewer a break. It is an essential design element used strategically and guarded fiercely. Ask a designer to fill in that two-inch by two-inch empty space with something and you are likely to, at the very least, hear a few choice words. Whenever white space appears in life, the first inclination for many is to fill it. For instance, how often do you have white space on your calendar? Increments of time with nothing to fill them. Impulses tend to say, “Hey, there is this free time! Let’s do ___ with it!” That ____ rarely stays ____. We are a society filled with produc

To-Do Lists and Why They Don't Work

Whopper - cheese - pickle - ketchup This was the last list I made in an airport on my way home from Florida. I'm the type of person who can remember a face, someone's favorite hobby, or even someone's whole life story ... but ask me to remember a name or what my life partner wants on his Whopper, and I'm a complete failure! That's what I think about "to-do" lists - they are in the negative category for me. They get a big F in my grade book. So, if you were expecting some wise words on how to create the perfect list, or how to improve yourself to ensure things gets marked off your list, you're in the wrong place. Sure, I make up lists all the time about what I need to do. Do you know where th

How It All Started...

Where should I start? Was it the horrible Folgers coffee with the weird chemical skim and powdered creamer that accompanied it (which only worked when the so-called “coffee” was McDonald’s-style hot) which made me rethink my career in an office environment? Or maybe it was the 8-5 rule, insisting that I have my rear in my seat, accomplishing the whims of my boss? Honestly, it was a mixture of many things I disliked and couldn’t change … even if it improved my productivity, or the company overall. I think I just came to the conclusion that I could do things better, but I would have to work for myself in order to make that happen. After school, I started off my career in the HR world. Payroll

Life Lessons Learned from Coffee

Ah, the beautiful brown liquid. Staring back at me from my favorite cup, whispering in steam with the perfect pep talk for my upcoming day. As a freelancer, I work from home and my attention is often demanded by a multitude of tasks. My work requires a significant amount of focus and internal motivation to complete all that I need to get accomplished. The first part of ensuring that happens starts with my morning coffee. It just makes the morning so much more manageable, you know? I am NOT a morning person. As a result, I have invested a significant amount so that I can have my favorite espresso machine and very small coffee bar on demand, at all times. Some people prefer tea, some need quie

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