Mono-Tasking is Worth a Try

Time is one of the world’s most valuable commodities. We never have enough time, often finding our minds wandering to the next task instead of the three in front of us that we are trying to do all at the same time. The reason we try to do too much is because we take on too much, thinking, “Oh, while I do X, I can also try to do Y and Z in the in-between-time and then I will be much more productive!” Our minds are working in to-do lists that seem to always be growing. But can we really, truly multi-task? Or are we fooling ourselves into thinking that we can? It is no secret that demands on our time have increased in the past few decades. Hundreds of years ago, a busy day would have been sweep

The Year I Knew Santa Wasn't Coming

The year was 1961, and I was ten years old. It was a Saturday in mid-December, and I was with my dad at the Lark Foods convenient store he managed. I made 25 cents an hour taking out trash, sweeping floors, and stocking shelves with my father. The store was unusual in that it was inside of an independent meat market – Capital Meats. I don’t know how long the meat market had been in business, but in 1961 the owner Max was an old man in my eyes. He was also the first Jewish person I’d ever met. However, Max celebrated the Holidays in his own way. He honored his religious traditions as well as Christmas. He said it was good for business, and he had married a Catholic more than 40 years before.

Embracing the Holidays...Without all the Stuff

I love Christmas. I always have. When I was a child, we would listen to the radio tracking Santa’s path and I would attempt to fall asleep filled with sugary excitement, the insides of my eyelids awash with multi-colored lights. The sooner I could fall asleep, the sooner I would wake up to the day I looked forward to all year—Christmas morning. For me, this child-like wonder carried over into adulthood. The year I was pregnant with my first child, I insisted that we welcome our new addition with a full-fledged Winter Wonderland. I wanted twinkling lights, an abundance of candy canes, a tree that could blind you, the whole nine. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, this also meant a tree

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