How Sunglasses Make You Sexier

So, you want to look sexier, be more attractive, and radiate a confident swagger? Dr. Glenn Wilson, a psychologist at the University of London, who is known as the father of compatibility, has studied the psychological effects of wearing sunglasses. “Wearing sunglasses makes people feel more confident and attractive. They make you feel mysterious, cool,” Wilson says. “There’s an association with the good life that adds to the aura — Hollywood, sports cars, all that.” Sunglasses are Intimate I’d never thought about sunglasses being intimate, but they are a very personal thing. While one might think mirrored sunglasses are the best thing since sliced bread, another might see them as a reflect

An Argument for Soft Skills

In the professional realm, there seems to be a constant struggle between the hard skills you need to perform the tasks that govern your career choice and the soft skills that are needed to develop relationships and effectively communicate with those around you. Often, it’s the hard skills we focus on and the soft skills we let lapse. If you can do the tasks of a job, you must be set, right? Well, not entirely. It is my firm belief that we need to put more time into developing soft skills. The argument is often made that things won’t get done if workers don’t possess the necessary hard skills. While this is certainly true, I have often observed that not much gets accomplished when workers lac

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