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I recently had a client hire their perfect candidate. WOO HOO! It takes a lot of effort to find the right person for an opening as most of you probably already know and this was a tough one. When all was said and done I got an email from both the candidate and the client thanking me for my hard work on their behalf to make this happen. What was my reply? I thanked both of them for working WITH me to make the process as efficient and effective as possible for everyone involved. It was a team effort and therefore a TEAM WIN! We sometimes forget that when we hire someone to do a job for us that we still have to participate in the process to ensure we are getting exactly what we had asked for …


Communicating in this day and age should be easy ... right? We have phones that are always available to help us connect and contact others through not only calls but also emails and texts. With that type of technology and power in the palm of our hands I often wonder to myself ... why aren’t we using it more? I recently had a client that didn’t communicate about the hiring process to both the candidate and myself over the course of a few weeks. As a result the candidate didn’t feel engaged and ended up declining an offer after it was given … three weeks after the final interview. Three weeks! And in that timeframe we rarely heard from the client. It would have been easy to pick up the phone


When I think of someone’s time I immediately think of the word RESPECT. We all have things going on in our lives, some known and some unknown, but at the end of the day we are all human and have wants, needs, responsibilities, etc. When I ask for someone’s time I immediately consider what I would be taking away from them when doing so. In the world of recruitment I’m constantly asking my clients and candidates to review resumes/job descriptions, provide feedback, consider an interview or offer ... and all of that takes, you guessed it, TIME! I try to make the process as efficient as possible for both sides without skipping steps or overlooking things but trying to do the work in the shortest

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