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I recently went on vacation to "get away from it all." I had been working a lot and needed some time for me. My main goal was to relax, turn my brain off, and get back to center. Despite my best efforts, I still checked my email, browsed Facebook, and checked in on all the usuals. I kept seeing news stories that were troublesome — dogs passing away due to negligence on a plane ride, a teacher feeding a puppy to a snapping turtle for a demonstration, people leaving their dogs abandoned as they picked up and moved, and other stores of cruelty. My heart was broken, even as I sat in the sun by our private pool with a cocktail in hand (one of those happy cocktails that normally come with a miniat

Should You Hire a Recruiter?

When should you hire a recruiter? It can be a difficult decision to hire an agency outside of your organization to assist with recruiting. However, a professional recruiter can save you time, fill positions when needed, and zero in on the best candidate for the role. There is a cost, but often the cost of paying a recruiter is less than the expense of placing employment ads, taking phone calls, answering emails, and screening resumes. Finding a candidate that fits the position and culture can be expensive, and there’s the cost associated with leaving a position vacant. Spending money to save money is good business. A professional recruiter can be as valuable as other professionals your organ

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