To Sell Or To Help ...

I've been seeing more ads recently from people and companies trying to sell me something in this current time of need. As a business owner, I understand that you're supposed to "always be selling" but I like to think of it as we should "always be helping". Right now money is tight. People and businesses alike are worried about the financial side of things ... so is right now the best time to ask someone to spend money on items or services? I understand there are things we need right now (like 80 rolls of toilet paper apparently) but this is the time that people really reflect on what they need and what they can actually give up or go without. So in now really the best time to sell? Think Bef

Using Your Talents For Good

A friend of mine who is a chef posted a lovely story on Facebook last night that made me smile. He said he was in the grocery store picking up some odds and ends (as much as he could since the stores have been so picked over lately) and overheard a woman who was upset in the aisle next to him. He said he walked over, while keeping a safe distance, and asked if he could help. She mentioned that she couldn't find any ingredients to put together a meal that she could make. While still keeping a safe distance he offered to walk around the store and help her come up with some recipes with what was left on the shelves. She looked at him in surprise he said and while still sobbing (now tears of joy

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