Friday FUN … with some fur!

Hello all and HAPPY FRIDAY! I'm writing this while a cute new furry addition to the We Are Recruiters team is napping on my feet. Scratch that … he just woke up and is now bumping into everything while playing with a Mr. Bill toy! It is never a dull moment here at the WAR HQ! As most of you already know we work closely with the Indy Humane to help the animals at the shelter here in Indianapolis. I have always had a soft spot for all fur balls and I'm just thrilled that our work allows us to give back to those that need our help the most. A few days ago I was dropping off some supplies to the shelter when I came across this cute face. Meet Edgar! He is 15 and mostly blind … though that hasn't

Big Fun Event 2019

This is the 3rd year in a row we sponsored and attended the Indianapolis Children's Choir annual gala. It's appropriately titled because it truly is one of the greatest nights here in our wonderful city. We all had a great time, helped raise some money, and got to hear the amazing kids sing. Our wine basket we donated was a hit. I almost wanted to take it home myself. Mayor Hogsett even stopped by! It was such a success! We are still recovering from such an awesome evening … which is why we are now just getting around to posting about it! Hope to see you all there next year. To keep in touch with all the choir is doing for the children in the city please visit their website!

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