A Time to Remember and Honor Those Who Served

I grew up in central Indiana. It was a place and time when folks knew their neighbors and doors were left unlocked. As a child, I remember Memorial Day as a time for cookouts, trips to the lake, and listening to the Indianapolis 500 on the radio. Magical names like Parnelli Jones, Roger Ward, and A.J. Foyt filled the airways. Eventually, I attended “The” race, and when I was old enough — the snake pit. Someday I might share a few of those stories, but not today. Throughout this time in my life, there was an underlying theme of shared community. Regardless of the day’s events, Memorial Day was also a time to remember and cherish those who have given the ultimate sacrifice to protect our free

What I Learned from My Strong-Willed Child

Before I became a parent, I would look sideways at others in the grocery store with a strong-willed child, trying not to stare at children in the midst of a fit or talking back. With barely concealed disgust, I would think “why don’t you discipline your child?” The universe had a surprise for me — a strong-willed child of my own. As someone who believes in discipline, manners, and not being embarrassed in public on a regular basis, my strong-willed child was a true challenge. Because I had always disciplined her and didn't consider myself to be an overbearing mom, I couldn’t understand why every errand trip would end in a tantrum just because she couldn’t have every item she demanded from th

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