Is Email Outdated? A Lot of People Think So, Do You?

While attending a meeting last week, my wife was surprised to learn that many of those gathered didn’t like email and attempted to avoid using it. The group was discussing how to follow up the meeting when about one-third expressed their disdain for email. For my wife, who has used email for three decades, it was enlightening. She never knew how many people not only preferred other methods of communication but also disliked email. So, is email outdated? Email Has Been Around a Long Time “In 1971 Ray Tomlinson, a computer engineer working for Bolt Beranek and Newman in Cambridge, Massachusetts, developed a system for sending messages between computers that used the @ symbol to identify addres

Wine at Work???

If you know me ... you know I love wine. I find it funny that when I travel, people are amazed at the great little wineries we have here in Indiana. They seem surprised when I mention good wine and Indiana in the same sentence. Sure, a lot of Indiana wineries offer sweet wines like a table red (think Oliver Winery) that makes me feel like I'm eating Welch's grape jelly (no relation, though I wish) — but some actually have some great dry reds that I enjoy just as much as my go-tos from Napa Valley. These little hidden gems are among my favorite things to drink during the day ... on a Tuesday ... when everyone's at work and I have the winery all to myself. Wait a minute. Did she just say she d

An Ancient Exercise to Help You Refocus: Your Monday Pick-Me-Up

Good Morning. It’s Monday. You are sitting in your office acting like you are not surfing the web. It’s cool, I won’t tell your boss. Obviously, it is time for your brain to take a break and come to find its true potential. This article is intended to lead you to discover your ability to dominate seemingly uncontrollable forces in your life by using an ancient exercise, known to first be used in Japan during the Yayoi period (circa 500 B.C.). You might feel odd doing this but believe me it works wonders. The trick is to keep it moving quickly and to question nothing! So grab a pencil and a piece of paper. GO! GO! GO! Step 1 Trace your hand on the paper like you are in an elementary art c

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