A Few Quick Tips for Fun Giving

As we look forward to large tables stacked high with turkey and all the dressings, many of us reflect on what it means to give thanks. For many, this involves showing your gratitude with a gift of thanks. But around the holidays, you might notice the stacks of discarded gifts piling up. Try out these tips and you won't see your gift topping off the pile. Add a little flair to your gift and stand out from the crowd by considering the following when preparing a gift. Consumables As a parent, one of the things I am constantly requesting around the holidays for my children is consumables. Most children have more than they need and it's just a game of creative storage when another gift comes thro

Reading While Flying

Have you ever been on an airplane and noticed your seat mate is reading a really good book? He seems to be enjoying it and you are as well…over his shoulder. It happens to me more frequently than I care to admit. Gets me thinking, “Damn, I want to be friends with this person.” Then, a whole wonderful thought process takes flight. I start to ask myself questions I wish I had the courage to ask this person. Maybe it’s not courage I’m lacking, but rather a politeness makes me hesitant to interrupt a person reading until he at least marks his page when he pauses to grab the in-flight pretzels and possibly an adult beverage to make the flight a bit more enjoyable. I start to wonder not just how h

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