The We Are Recruiters mascots are gearing up for a spooky HOWL-O-WEEN this week and hope you all have fun while getting some amazing treats! What's better than dressing up, having a good time, and getting to stuff your face with some much needed candy? The mascots promise to hand out lots of yummy surprises to any visitors that plan to stop by to celebrate! Speaking of our mascots … they are all doing well and wanted to send you an update. Edgar, our most recent edition, has figured his way around the WAR HQ and loves it here. He still bumps into things here and there but is doing rather well for a 16 year old blind little guy. He said what would make his Howl-o-ween the best one yet is if t

3 Years of Happily Serving Indianapolis

3 years … and counting! Honestly if you know me it's more like 3 years and then add in a month and possibly a few days. We've been so busy working, reorganizing, and continuing to keep up with our rescue dogs/mascots that we lost track of time. So, now is the perfect opportunity to regroup, celebrate, and recognize that we've been doing this for an amazing few years now and we don't plan to stop! So stay tuned for some great blog articles, hiring/job hunting tips, and possibly a new dog or two thrown into the mix! (Note: Yes, I know we are a bit crazy!) Thank you so much for making these last 3 years amazing. I can't wait to see what this next one has in store!

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