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In the design world, there is such a thing as “white space.” Negative space. Space intentionally left empty to give the reader/viewer a break. It is an essential design element used strategically and guarded fiercely. Ask a designer to fill in that two-inch by two-inch empty space with something and you are likely to, at the very least, hear a few choice words.

Whenever white space appears in life, the first inclination for many is to fill it. For instance, how often do you have white space on your calendar? Increments of time with nothing to fill them. Impulses tend to say, “Hey, there is this free time! Let’s do ___ with it!” That ____ rarely stays ____. We are a society filled with productivity addicts. It is easy to look at that negative space and concoct ways to fill it, make it seem more useful. Even some articles about the importance of downtime give you pointers on how to make that downtime more productive.

The error in that lies in the belief that doing absolutely nothing is not productive. In reality, doing nothing can be quite useful. The pause in your day, the break from the rest of the calendar-filling commitments, is enormously beneficial to your emotional and physical well-being. Think of it as your personal ctl+alt+del, a reset for your system. In between the commitments that can quickly become overwhelming and stressful, the white space could be exactly what you need. Don’t be afraid of the white space in your life. Embrace it, guard it fiercely. #savethewhitespace

Aimee has spent the past we won't say how many years working on the marketing side of the A/E/C industry, bridging the technical with the creative through clever proposals and various marketing pieces. This experience has intensified her affinity for proper grammar, brand standards and white space. When not creating proposals or interesting memes, Aimee spends her time writing, reading, playing with her Irish wolfhound, drinking coffee, hiking, and being an all-around nerd. There is not a game out there she won't play or a mountain she won't climb. Except maybe K2; that one is scary. Her blog,, is about finding yourself and being brave enough to be you.

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