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Choosing Joy

We all have inspiring people in our lives. Family, friends, even total strangers who inspire us to be better. Maybe they are an optimist, finding the silver lining in every situation and always having a positive outlook. Maybe they are kind to everyone they meet, practicing compassion in a way you never knew possible. Maybe they are very giving, always looking for ways they can benefit others without thinking about what they will receive in return. Whatever the reason, these people make a real difference in our lives.

It took me approximately 10 seconds to realize that Auntie Joy is one of these people. Her cheerfulness radiates throughout the room. It is impossible to not smile when you are near her. When she talks to you, she has a way of making you feel as if you are the most important person on the planet. Your wellbeing is clearly her main concern. However, the most extraordinary thing about Joy is that she has every reason to traverse this earth in a constant state of despair, but she chooses a different path.

You see, she has been plagued with too many health issues to count. In and out of the hospital, countless doctors and surgeries, one impossibility after another. To those less inclined toward optimism, she has so many reasons to be unhappy and depressed. But she isn’t. Instead of hanging her head feeling sorry for herself, she is always smiling, always energetic, always willing to lend a hand. She still gets out for exercise as much as possible, still looks forward to the road trip adventures, loves to get together with friends and family. She refuses to fall into the self-pity trap by focusing on the good things in her life. Joy. A perfect name for this tiny woman with such a large heart who chooses to be happy and enjoy life.

Inspiring people like Joy are good reminders that we can choose our focus, choose our attitude. Wouldn’t it be nice to choose joy instead of focusing on what we do not like about ourselves? No matter what you are going through in life, you are alive to make the decision to be joyful. You woke up this morning and that is quite an opportunity.

Aimee has spent the past we won't say how many years working on the marketing side of the A/E/C industry, bridging the technical with the creative through clever proposals and various marketing pieces. This experience has intensified her affinity for proper grammar, brand standards and white space. When not creating proposals or interesting memes, Aimee spends her time writing, reading, playing with her Irish wolfhound, drinking coffee, hiking, and being an all-around nerd. There is not a game out there she won't play or a mountain she won't climb. Except maybe K2; that one is scary. Her blog,, is about finding yourself and being brave enough to be you.

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