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Wine at Work???

If you know me ... you know I love wine. I find it funny that when I travel, people are amazed at the great little wineries we have here in Indiana. They seem surprised when I mention good wine and Indiana in the same sentence. Sure, a lot of Indiana wineries offer sweet wines like a table red (think Oliver Winery) that makes me feel like I'm eating Welch's grape jelly (no relation, though I wish) — but some actually have some great dry reds that I enjoy just as much as my go-tos from Napa Valley. These little hidden gems are among my favorite things to drink during the day ... on a Tuesday ... when everyone's at work and I have the winery all to myself.

Wait a minute. Did she just say she drinks during the day ... on a weekday?? I know that's what you're all wondering. Well, yes. Yes I do. You know OBGYNs often tell a pregnant woman it's safe to have a small amount of wine to help with stress levels, right? So why not incorporate it in your work day to alleviate some of that work-related stress?

Now, I know many of your employers, or my clients, would be a bit upset at me for advising it. Though, when I am in the middle of a large hiring project and there's a lull waiting on responses from candidates and clients, or when an offer has been made and I'm waiting around for a response, I often stress because there is not much I can do. So then what do I do? I have a glass of wine.

My favorite place nearby is Mallow Run in Bargersville, near Greenwood, Indiana. They've gotten larger over the years, but I still love their tiny tasting room when it's slow. It's rustic and quaint. In colder temperatures, they usually have the fire going and I'll have a tasting and then grab a glass. I take this time to relax.

Sometimes when I'm stressed, I make bad decisions. Yep, I'm saying it. Occasionally, having a stress reliever (like a glass of wine ... or even a nap) can often help. Now, I have the luxury of working from home and whenever I need to, so I can do this sort of thing. I am able to have a glass of wine during the day because I work around the clock and don't get a scheduled break, like most folks do. This little indulgence is my time and it helps keep me sane.

I'm not encouraging you to drink a lot or to jeopardize your job by drinking during business hours if it's against company policy. I'm saying this: This is what I do to relieve a little stress and it's not a bad thing for you to consider doing something to help yourself during the work week.

Whether it's yoga, eating junk food, or calling a friend for a nice stress relieving chat during the work day, I think — why not? If it helps and relieves stress, you will work better ... and you and your boss will thank me later.

P.S. If you really want to thank me, my favorite wine (right now) is Pinot Noir.

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