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We’ve all seen it. Sometimes it’s hilarious, and sometimes it happens to us. Whether it’s a voice-activated text, Word document, or social media post, autocorrect can change our intent and meaning. In other words, autocorrect isn’t always correct. It’s often auto-incorrect.

Sorry For Your Inconvenience

A few years ago I wrote a letter of apology to a customer whose service appointment had been cancelled by the business I worked for. We rescheduled the service, but I wanted to let the customer know that we were sincerely apologetic for missing the appointment and any inconvenience it might have caused. Except, when I drafted the letter in Microsoft Word I misspelled inconvenience, and Spellcheck corrected it – almost. I clicked okay to the Spellcheck suggested correction, and then didn’t proofread the letter. So the snail mail letter that the customer received said, “We are sincerely sorry for any incontinence you may have experienced.” Yep, I said incontinence. Sigh.

If it Walks like a Duck

A dear friend shared with me that often when she attempts to text a friend using the F-bomb, autocorrect changes it to duck, for example, “duck this, no ducking way, or what the duck?” I kinda like it, it has a good feel to it, and I may begin using it. Ducking A!

Give it a Shot

Another friend said, “Anytime I type "Let's give it a shot" it always makes it change to "shit"! I must have a swearing problem!”

What Kinda Call?

My friend Glenn was sending a voice activated text, to a customer, while he was driving. Somehow the text changed from, “Please call me if you have any questions” to “Penis call me …” The customer, thank goodness, had a great sense of humor. When she called Glenn in response, she told him she didn’t know what a penis call was but she couldn’t stop laughing. It had made her day. I couldn’t make this stuff up. Which reminds of this from Pinterest “I hate auto erection, I mean erection … correction, autocorrection.” Speaking of Pinterest what about this one, “The hamster life is the life for me!” Does anyone know what the hamster life is? Is it going around in circles on a wheel while eating carrots?

Wait, There’s More

A follower told me he texted his mom once that he wanted “Baked Alaskan” but it was auto-incorrected to “Naked Alaskan”. Wouldn’t they get rather cold?

“The most bizarre autocorrect fails are the most inexplicable ones, like this one, which changes “honey” into something that isn’t even a word. Example: “If you’re still at the store, can you grab some hiney?” -- Is Autocorrect out of Control? They'd arrest for that, wouldn't they?

Some of my favorites are misspellings, such as misspelling mispelling, or changing grammar to grammer. And changes like “crochet” to “crotch” can drastically change the meaning of a communication. You think?

Some Aren’t so Funny

Like this text sent to the boss, “How does sex sound tomorrow?” “OMG, OMG Six, I mean SIX!” -- Awkward text fails to the boss.

“A friend at a media company told of sending out an important analytics report to her company with a subject line that read, “Weekly Anal Report.” -- When Autocorrect Goes Wrong (And So So Right).

Grammarly shared a text about their blog post Autocorrect Text fails; their text went like this, “Autocorrect text falls.” They failed the text.

Auto-incorrectness is Here to Stay

Auto-incorrectness is part of the world we live in. It’s unavoidable, and often hilarious. So, my advice is don’t let auto-incorrectness fester in your brain, instead embrace it, enjoy it, and whenever it happens to you have a laugh on yourself.

Do you have a favorite auto-incorrect? If so share it in comments! We look forward to your autoconnects. I mean corrects, autocorrects, ah … duck it.

Randy Clark is the Director of Communications at TKO Graphix, where he blogs for TKO Graphix Brandwire. Randy is passionate about social media, leadership development, and flower gardening. He’s the proud father of two educators; he has four amazing grandchildren, and a wife who dedicates her time to helping others. Randy is the author of How to Stay Ahead of Your Business Blog Forever and The New Manager’s Workbook: A Crash Course in Effective Management.

Spoiler Alert! Mandi's Two Cents: Give it a Shot is about me. Shocking, I know.

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