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Hobbies That Help

This week was a hard one for me. As most of you may know my passion outside of work is helping animals. I've been rescuing dogs with health issues for the past few years so they don't live out their last days in a shelter and this week I had to make the tough decision to put one down. This will be the third senior dog I have adopted that I've had to make this choice for and it never gets any easier.

Edgar With The Big Ears

Edgar was a blind dog with a few tumors that were so advanced surgery was out of the question. His kennel at Indy Humane was actually next to a dog I had originally come to see. He popped right out of bed and came to the gate and started licking me through it. One of the volunteers said he never does that and when I found out the dog I wanted to adopt was unavailable I decided to take Edgar home instead. His first few days with us were spent learning the lay of the land. Since he was blind I had to teach him where everything was around the house and yard. I would have him follow my voice or the smell of a treat to learn the main walkways. He caught on quickly and fit right in with the rest of the bunch! Though during his year with us he started to decline healthwise so we decided just to spoil him and let him nap and do all the things dogs like to do. He was a great little guy and will surely be missed!

Hobbies That Help

I am very lucky that once I started my own business it allowed me the opportunity to take up a hobby that helped others out. Not everyone can stay home to work most days to take care of elderly dogs ... so since I love animals I thought "Why not me?" So I bought a house a few years ago and the first project I completed was putting in a fence. Since then I created a great space for the dogs to enjoy (and people too). When the weather is nice you'll find me working on the patio while the dogs nap under a tree or in a hammock. It's funny, every time my dad visits he tells each dog that they truly have won the lottery. I truly hope they feel that way! I am so grateful that I have a job that gives me time and space to also focus on a hobby I am so passionate about. It helps with stress and gives me a break when I just need a breather from work.

Does Your Job Allow Time For Your Passions?

Since I am in the business of helping people find the next step in their career this is a question I always ask others. If you are overworked or in a job that doesn't bring you joy ... is it even worth it? I see too many times people chasing a paycheck that most of the time they never can enjoy. So I just wanted to send a friendly reminder to you all that your job should help you live the life you want so you can enjoy your passions. Hopefully, if you don't have a career that allows that you can find one ... and also a hobby that allows you to help someone/something in the process. It sure does wonders for the soul!

Animal Shelters And How You Can Help

We have been helping Indy Humane and IACS here in Indianapolis since we have opened our doors at We Are Recruiters and both are amazing organizations within our city! We make a donation for every placement we make and often drop off treats and supplies that both shelters need. They usually have a list on their websites (see links below) of how you can help along with a list of adoptable pets! So if you do have room in your home for a new furry family member we strongly urge you to give a pet a second chance and adopt!

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