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To Sell Or To Help ...

I've been seeing more ads recently from people and companies trying to sell me something in this current time of need. As a business owner, I understand that you're supposed to "always be selling" but I like to think of it as we should "always be helping". Right now money is tight. People and businesses alike are worried about the financial side of things ... so is right now the best time to ask someone to spend money on items or services? I understand there are things we need right now (like 80 rolls of toilet paper apparently) but this is the time that people really reflect on what they need and what they can actually give up or go without. So in now really the best time to sell?

Think Before You Ask

I have had a lot of folks in my networking groups bring up this very subject and ask if it's tacky to advertise right now. A marketing group I'm in has a few members being asked by their employers to create ads and blow up social media with their brand and what they sell. Some feel uncomfortable doing this and some still realize they need to work but simply asked for advice on how to appropriately sell right now. A lot of feedback pointed to the necessity of the item or service but also circled back to always mentioning how to HELP others instead of SELLING to them.

The People Still In Business

I still have a few clients that are financially stable enough to continue with their hiring efforts and for that I applaud them. Right now many businesses are trying to stay above water, especially small and local businesses, so it's refreshing to see some still thriving instead of just surviving. I was on the phone with a hiring manager of one of these firms recently and when I asked them why they were continuing with their searches he said: "We want to come out of this sprinting and not limping like everyone else." That made me feel so good to have that kind of company as a client. But in that moment I still didn't think to sell him more options of my services (even though they are in a good financial spot) ... I just asked if there was anything I could do to help. In this time of uncertainty, all I know is I'm still willing to try and make things better for those around me. And in the end I'm sure I'll get more business out of it (even though that's not my intention when helping) than I would have by just pushing the services I can be hired to do.

How To Help

Whether you're a business owner, an employee (still working or laid off), or just someone looking to stay busy during these boring times of "house arrest" ... we all can help in different ways. I think the best thing we can all do right now is check in on others and make sure they are ok. We all need the moral support to stay positive and push through this and anything else that may come our way!

Mister Rogers who was always a good source of great advice repeatedly mentioned helping others. His quotes were great resources for a little light on dark days. Here is a great article to read to remind ourselves that kindness and helping always HELP!

Click here to check it out!

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