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Why Use Recruitment? And Why Only One Firm ...

Well, first off ... not all recruiters are the same.

Some recruiters work independently, while some work for large firms. Some recruiters focus on one industry, while some handle multiple types of work. Some recruiters work with just a few select clients at a time, while some send candidates to multiple companies hoping for one to get hired. See a pattern? There are usually 2 types of recruiters ... some who focus on quality and some who focus on quantity.

Let me back up a bit ... recruiters in general are a big help. They find people fast for when you have an urgent need to fill an open position. Often times this can cost a pretty hefty fee, especially when working with a larger firm (to cover their overhead costs), but is usually worth it when you realize the time it can take you to find the right person on your own.

Not sure if you need a recruiter? Ask yourself these questions:

1. How quickly do we need to fill this role?

2. Do we have the internal manpower to help search for people?

3. Will this search take away from other duties I/my staff should be focusing on?

I recommend using a recruiter ... but only when the need is there and it's with one you can trust and that is reliable. When you have a great relationship with your recruiter they should become an extension of your company.

If you need to fill the role quickly and don't have someone completely dedicated to doing the search internally (since it will take away from their current responsibilities)

... that is when I think you need a recruiter.

Characteristics of a good recruiter:

- Gets to know you and your needs.

- Communicates with you regularly and in your preferred method of communication.

- Customizes their process to fit your company's process.

- Sends only truly qualified candidates and does so in a timely manner.

- Is fair and helpful.

Why Only Use One Recruiter?

Also, keep in mind the more hands on deck is not always better. With the talent pool shrinking as we know it it's a candidate's market right now ... and they have the upper hand. So make sure you aren't flooding their inboxes with your "pitch" from multiple firms "working on your behalf". Pick one that aligns with your needs and let that recruiter truly represent you. If they are good then you'll never need more than just them!

And have questions about the process? Don't hesitate to reach out and ask!

Email me anytime at ... I give great advice, am a good listener, and sometimes can even tell a great joke (but don't count on that)!

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