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Just when you thought it all was going to shit ...

The past few months have been hard. I was in the hospital for two weeks and have undergone multiple tests recently to help with a diagnosis. No one seems to know the answer yet. We're just trying one thing after another, and nothing seems to be working. It has altered my daily activities to the point that it's hard to even be consistent with work. (Note: Have no fear though clients — I still work quite a bit when I can and have hired two new great ladies to help!)

The last few months have been hard as far as work goes, as well. It seems like every time I have a job opening, it's been difficult to fill. I've had clients who normally rely on me to find someone quickly and they are now wondering why it's taking me so long to fill their openings. I know the market right now is very tough, but that's never failed me before. I didn't want to let them down — but man, it was draining on me! I was so used to seeing a successful outcome. Unfortunately, these setbacks threw me into a tizzy and my attitude started plummet towards the negative. If you know me well enough, you would see why this is out of character. I started to doubt myself and my abilities just because of this sickness that has thrown me for a loop. One day I was reflecting and I had a realization: I could not let whatever was going on with my health affect my work and my life. Just because things are different now doesn't mean I have to think differently! The week after that, I had three people going into final interviews. I really hoped I would be able to help them find jobs because these were all wonderful people. It seems like everyone I work with is someone I really want to help because I can appreciate when goo people need a change and I hoped to be the one to provide them with that.My recent run of bad luck was casting a shadow of doubt on my usual optimism. I decided I needed to clear my head. So, I took a day off to do something good.

I was able to drive that day. I ran to the store and bought a few items to donate to the Humane Society (which you all know is near and dear to my heart). I thought maybe helping someone else would take my mind off of the help I needed. Giving always makes me feel good. I recognize it's a little selfish when I do donate, but it was something I felt would be a win-win for everyone. It really helped take my mind off of what I was going through and I forgot all about the deals that were in progress. The next day, I met a friend for coffee and she asked how things were going. This put me back in the mindset which was clouded by my recent problems. At that point, I just wanted to help people find jobs — I wasn't worried about the working part of it. I told her I had some things going on, but that I hadn't heard anything yet. I didn't want to turn our nice visit into sour grapes so I changed the subject quickly.

Once we got done with coffee, I hopped back in my car. While I was waiting for the air conditioning to kick in, I thought I'd check my phone. Just in that tiny hour that I had coffee with my friend, I had missed a call and two emails. All of the people I was helping to find jobs had received offers! I couldn't believe it! Just when I thought everything was going to shit, this happens. I really think that when you adjust how you think, you will see positive results. It became clear that I needed to stop stressing over things. If they're meant to be, they'll happen. I also realized that taking a break from negative thoughts can be rewarding. I feel like I work very hard to help my clients make positive changes, but sometimes, when I work too hard, it doesn't help anybody. Once it gets to a certain point, you just have to let nature take its course. So, on this Monday morning when most of us are stressed about going to work, try thinking about how you look at the day and the things around you. Just having a positive attitude will definitely change things! I'm not one who is usually negative, but sometimes, even the most positive of us can get down on ourselves. Remember, just that one tweak changed everything!

P.S. And if you're having a "ruff" day ... you can always donate to the furry friends at the Indy Humane to help pep up your spirit! A dog (or cat) smile can turn anyone's day around!

To donate, check them out here: 🐶🐱

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