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Teeing off for the Indianapolis Children's Choir

This year, the ICC (or the Indianapolis Children's Choir if you're not hip with your charitable acronyms) is having their first ever golf outing fundraiser. Luckily, I have been able to work closely with the ICC for the past few years (to see Henry Leck before he left, and now to witness Josh Peddle take the reigns). I have been fortunate to see up close and personal the wonderful programs they have and how the children of Indianapolis really benefit from the programs offered the by the ICC.

I was first introduced to the ICC a few years ago when a past employer was a sponsor. I was invited to attend their Big Fun Event (if you haven't gone, it's a must) which, as the name implies, is their biggest fundraiser of the season. It's a fun night unlike any other gala I have ever attended. The first year I attended featured a Pop-a-Shot game. Before the night was over, I became the champion winning a year's supply of Penn Station Subs (a huge sponsor of the ICC as well). I am still referred to as "Pop-a-Shot" by most of the staff, a moniker I whole heartedly embrace.

I was able to witness firsthand the great events hosted by the ICC. So, when they approached me and told me they were wanting to host a golf outing to raise money, I was all for it ... so much that I offered to be the title sponsor for their first year!

The ICC is such a great organization, and the arts are near and dear to my heart (along with the Humane Society which you already know). I knew without a doubt that I wanted to be a part of helping to make this event successful for the ICC.

I really believe that supporting our local organizations is so important. These groups have so much to offer our local communities and play an important role in making our city a great place to live. Without support from the general public, great groups like the ICC wouldn't be able to do such significant work.

If you want to be a part of helping the ICC, please consider joining us this September 11th, where we will also be honoring first responders. The event will take place at Valle Vista Golf Club in Greenwood. Participants can enjoy a nice round of golf while raising money for the children! If you don't golf, you can always support by making a direct donation to their cause. Visit to find more information or to make a contribution.

Groups like the ICC rely heavily on the public for volunteers, support, and funding so that they can continue to drive positive change in our community. You can be a influence by reaching out to help with any cause that excites you. No matter what you are passionate about ... know your support is so helpful and always appreciated!

Mandi Welch


Business Owner, Super Recruiter, Coffee Enjoyer, Bourbon Lover, Dog Spoiler, and Oxford Comma User

(Note: I wonder if all of that could fit on a business card?)

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