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Are you ready to replace the people who will be leaving your company in 2020?

Every December I see a rush of people confidentially looking to switch jobs in the upcoming new year. Why? Some people realize they won’t be getting the promotion they thought, others realize their bonus was less than expected, and some just realize over the holidays that they are working way too much and want something with more of a work/life balance. There are many reasons why people leave a job but these are just some of the top answers I hear when I ask why. The end of the year is when people start thinking of why they aren’t happy in their current positions and start to think of making a change. But as an employer ... are you ready to replace those employees that will be leaving?

First I challenge you to find out why people are wanting to make a change. If it’s a common cause amongst those that are maybe it’s time to reevaluate how you are treating your employees and start looking at ways to get better in certain areas to help with retention. Replacing employees is not cheap ... so why not invest in keeping those you have on staff already happy?

I recently had a new client reach out in need of hiring help because some of their people were leaving. I was a bit worried to work with this company at first (if it wasn’t a healthy environment - people leaving is a major RED FLAG - I didn’t want to put other people in that position) but when I sat down with them they had identified why they were losing good employees and had already put a plan in place so that wouldn’t happen again. This made me want to work with them even more! Companies that are always trying to get better are the ones people will want to work for at the end of the day. Since then they have brought on a few new people who are loving it there so far! Now this is why I do what I do.

So, fast forward to January as you are getting people turning in their notice ... what are you going to do? Do you have applicants on file to contact and interview if they are still available? Do you have time to post an ad and review new resumes for these openings? Or will you be in a tough spot and need people immediately and are too busy with other new year responsibilities to truly focus on your much needed hiring efforts? If you’re the latter then my best suggestion would be to contact a reputable local recruiting or staffing firm that specializes in the work you do to help!

Over the last few years we have helped the AEC industry here in the Indianapolis area with not only their operational needs in the field but also with supporting office roles to keep companies running at full efficiency. We pride ourselves on focusing on only a few clients at a time so you get all of our attention and your open positions are filled quickly and with the right people for the job! Since every member of our team has experience in the industry you know you have experts acting as an extension of your team to help.

Cheers to the wrapping up of a great 2019 and the We Are Recruiters team (and rescue mascots) wished you all a wonderful start to 2020! And if you find yourself in need of assistance when the new year rolls around just remember we are just a call, click, or email away!

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